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Two Days in Malta – Day 2

We woke into warmth and sunshine. It was day two of the mini vacation to the beautiful island of Malta. Day one had mostly been spent exploring the city of Valetta and all it had to offer. Day two, we had decided the night before would be an organised excursion to the walled city Mdina and Rabat.

Dubbed the Silent City, Mdina and Rabat is sheer majesty at first glimpse on the approach to the city. The city dates back to over 4000 years ago when it is said the Apostle Paul lived here after he was shipwrecked on the island. 

Entering through the covered tunnel that leads into the city itself, you cannot help but feel transported back in time when knights of valour roamed castle walls. I half expected to be greeted by one and asked to state my business! alas, it was not to be. Instead the covered entrance with its narrow street led to a town square teaming with tourists and local trade. There was also a choo choo train that for a small fee took you on a tour of the city and its outskirts.

We ambled around, seeking out local areas of interest for the best pictures (because if you don’t take a picture, were you really there?). We visited the catacombs of a local church which was pretty dreary; hunted for a church to visit but none were open to visitors at the time we were there.

We sat in a local coffee shop and enjoyed the best plant based iced coffee I had ever had the pleasure of trying and we liked it so much that we went for a second helping not long after leaving there the first time!

We spent time in the local jewellery shops and bought more silver and stainless steel rings than we probably should have! We meandered down alleyways; posed for pictures, walked in the garden and for one perfect moment in time, all was right and perfect in the world. All too soon we were back at our hotel but decided as it was our last night on this atmospheric island, that we would go out and enjoy the local nightlife.

We didn’t need to go far. Not far from The Waterfront Hotel are lots of pubs and street side restaurants and cafes facing into the bay. We stopped at the local English pub (because why not?) Liverpool was playing and my friend is a nut where this team is concerned. Her support of Liverpool rivals my obsession with formula one and that is saying something. It was happy hour (when isn’t it happy hour?) and we enjoyed buy one get one free on cocktails. One word, just one, YUM! or maybe two LUSH! we are both lightweights so this kind of deal is wasted on us really, but we certainly enjoyed the two we had! Liverpool also won which was a fitting end to a brilliant night.

Too soon we were at the airport, winging our way back home. For everything we give thanks. Malta you were beautiful, give thanks.