Don’t neglect yourself


Don’t neglect yourself to your own detriment. Self care, self-love, self-development all fall on the same spectrum of us wanting to ensure that we are either becoming or are the very best self we can be. We all deep down, have a need to ensure that we are presenting the best side of ourselves in our professional and personal lives. Why then do we neglect self and put others first? why do we give so much to personal and professional interests that leaves us feeling like an empty cup, tea leaves left at the bottom for days to dry out, neglected by the side of the dishwasher, forgotten for the moment until we run out of cups to use and decide to do the big wash up?

There seems to be a myth pervading recently that it is an organisation’s responsibility to develop its people. I use the word myth because really an individual’s development is down to them, what interests them, where they want to be in a little minute and their willingness and appetite to learn and consume more and more knowledge. In my opinion, it’s an organisation’s responsibility to provide the tools and resources to enable individuals to development and it’s an individual’s responsibility to assess what they require and if their organisation doesn’t offer it, seek it out elsewhere or suggest that this is something that should be added to the offers available.

Developing self is not just about the professional, it’s about what makes you a complete whole person, an individual who shines in all avenues of self. I am a big advocate of work life balance and must sound like a broken record to my team at times. I tell my team about my interest outside of work and what I get up in my personal time; not to boast or even seek their approval but to show the benefits of having interests outside of work; of having down time that rejuvenate you but also gives you an incredible sense of achievement. Even though I could work all hours night and day, I do not, I try to be an example to others to show that there is a time to work and then there is a time to live and not just exist but live well! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work, I enjoy often burning the midnight oil if I need to but this should not be my daily normal.

In 2018, I am working on my self developing by learning skills that I either do not possess or need strengthening. To this end I am reading more books on mindfulness and financial matters. I am exploring research and articles on my culture and past history, because in order to properly chart your future, you need to understand your past. I am reading more books on drive, passion and ambition; because I learn by reading and then putting principles into practice.

I will continue to learn Dutch and will probably add German into the mix, because why not? I will take a class at my local adult education centre on Art, because deep down, despite no talent emerging, I feel there is an inner artist waiting to emerge and I owe it to myself to let the artist free! I will continue to learn how to present better and write more to the point and succinctly. I will continue to improve my journaling process and I will face my fear of heights by doing several things in this area that scares me; because I choose to see my fears as facing everything and rising.

Self development is a daily ongoing process. I try to learn something new everyday and this should be a goal that we all aspire to. So what are you doing in the self-development arena this year?

Have a great week.


2 thoughts on “Don’t neglect yourself

  1. Sabine NANA says:

    When I was young, my grandmother used to told me: “never neglect your self if you don’t want people to neglect you. Take care of your body and let shine out the brightness of your mind”. This instruction guided my everyday life and I use it to wake up every time.
    Things I added to my grandmother instruction is to follow people who inspired me and to read a lot because “reader is leader”.
    In 2017 I had a coworker in Haiti who told me that he speaks 9 languages. At the end of his mission he spoke creole too; so 10 languages he speak now.
    This guy inspired me a lot and I told to my self: ” Sabina, by the end of 2018 you need to say I speak 5 languages.” Since this, I get connected to creole and Spanish, and I continue practicing English to push up my level. I invest my self in these 3 languages, I gather resources I need and I initiate self motivation everyday to achieve my objective.
    So personal development is also a matter of objectives, a matter of mindfulness, a matter of life style.

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    • glennhr says:

      Congratulations on achieving your goal Sabine!! Your grandmother was right, your well-being and self development is your business! You neglect it as your own peril. Never wait on others to do for you what you can do yourself. Learning to speak other languages opens up the world to you and brings along with it many other opportunities.


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