Don’t be afraid of failure

It is remarkable that fear is something that is developed rather than something we are born with. I am often amazed at the lack of fear that babies and toddlers display. I can recall with perfect clarity memories from as young as 2 years old and I shudder with fear now at some of the things I used to get up to!

I recall once at 3 years old climbing underneath my grandfather’s house to hunt crabs that used to make their homes there! In this particular incident the crab had grabbed my comb in its pinchers and scuttled away! I was so determined to retrieve this, that I scrambled after the crab and proceeded to wrestle it for my comb!

If you have seen a land crab in Jamaica you will know that they are not tiny!! In the midst of the struggle, the crab dropped the comb and latched onto my finger with its pincher and proceeded to squeeze!! The howls and screams that emanated from my mouth were enough to bring my mother and cousins rushing to my aid from all directions. Luckily I didn’t lose the finger but I still have the scar today as proof of this incredible act of bravery ; ). At 3 years old I was fearless! The lesson I learned from this at 3 was to never wrestle a crab head on! No knock it out with a big stone first!

My second recollection in being fearless is at 16 years old going on a hike with the pathfinders group I led at church. During this hike alone with a group of kids of similar age or slightly older we had the brilliant idea to end our hike by exploring the local Bat Caves. Apart from bats, we had no idea what else resided in these caves but we were determined to find out! We had no light source just our over developed sense of curiosity and a knowledge that nothing bad could happen to us! ( the knowledge of youth, oh how I miss this).

We proceeded to explore the caves, it was dark and damp. There were a lot of stumbling about while our eyes adjusted to the darkness and about half way into our exploration, we fell into an underground river!! To understand the import of this, you would need to understand that whilst we all lived on an island and had no fear of being in water that very few of us could swim! Myself included there were about 10 others in the group that also didn’t know how to swim. What we did know how to do was tread water! Whenever this memory surfaces I break out into a cold sweat! Just imagine what could have happened if anyone of us had started to fear or panic!

Needless to say we all safely exited this river even though to do so meant diving under a short tunnel to emerge on the outside of the caves. To add to what would now be a big fear factor this all took place in pitch darkness. From this experience I learned that fear can stop you having the most brilliant experiences if you allow it to dictate your actions.

There are many things I have failed at both professionally and personally but it is only through failing and learning from those that I am authentically who I am today. To miss the me now who has developed and grown would have been a personal tragedy. To anticipate me in the future is only possible due to the failures I have had along the way. Don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t be afraid to fail. We learn from our mistakes, we grow by learning.


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